OB Shaft and Break Cues

OB Shaft and Break Cues

I love my low-deflection OB shaft. It fit on the Tiger butt I already had. The design of the OB shaft is circular instead of triangular cuts and it makes a difference in the reverb of the hit. Low cue ball deflection will allow you to aim more accurately because you don’t have to compensate for a large amount of cue ball squirt on side spin shots. Less adjustment means a more consistent hit and more pocketed balls.
ob shaft construction

I’ve been using it as my primary cue for about 4 years and it takes English very well. It’s actually learning to control how much English it will give on the shot that takes the most practice.
I like the stripped ferrule too – makes it easy to pick out of a bunch when we are playing league!

I also have an OB Break Cue, and man, it’s like hitting into a pillow. So much of the force is dampened by the technology in the cue it allows me to hit harder and get better breaks. Break Tips should be HARD – and there is actually never any reason to scuff them. EVER. You actually should never need to replace the tip on the break cue.
Unfortunately, one of my teammates dropped mine and I had a bit of a fiasco getting it replaced. It hits fine now, but not like it did when I first got it.
I still highly recommend the OB cue for playing and their break cue has a superb hit.

I bought mine at the APA Nationals in 2012, and the booth had a table and I got to try it out before I bought it. I have to say it was love at first stroke! OB Shafts have nice straight visible grain lines as well that help you to see down the line at your shot.

If you get a chance to try one, I highly recommend them. You might find the hit is a good fit!

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