Mad Cue Disease

Mad Cue Disease is my APA Sunday Double Jeopardy team.
Ryan Naccarato is my co-captain and together with Adam Auxier, Tony Interrante, Kerri Cleveland, Nikki Fox, Sue Mellman and Esther Sweeting we are Mad Cue Disease!

We came in 3rd during the season in 9 ball and played the 2nd place team, AJ & Hawk’s Rack-a-Tears in the semi-final Playoff round. We killed it to advance to the Playoff Finals against the Wildcard team, Draw for Show who managed to beat Oscar Rosza’s First Place team, Nine Ball Express. Last weekend we smashed Draw for show in 4 matches — didn’t even need to start the 5th round — for Division Champion.

Winning Division Champion means a lot to me. Putting together this team, managing and captaining has been my honor. I couldn’t have asked for better teammates. They practice, they listen, they take chances and they learn. While on Mad Cue Disease, I think everyone including me has gone up a skill level. I’m very proud of my team this season and tomorrow we play Tournament of Champions for $1000 against Lori Perry’s team “It’s all Wong”. Its going to be a tough match — but I love those ladies, and I know it will be a good time. At one point a few of their players were on my team, and at another I played with them in the LAPL. It’s one of those things I love about pool. It’s a small world and one day someone is your opponent, the next your teammate or captain. It’s good to remember that sportsmanship counts because alliances can change so rapidly!

Mad Cue Disease, by winning Division Champion also qualified for Regionals. There are 24 teams from the South Coast APA and they sends 3 teams to compete at the APA Nationals in Vegas.

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