Jan 2017
#JanesandJoes finished 7th in the division, and while qualifying for the wildcard, did not make it to playoffs. Unfortunately with the close of Golden Cue, we will not be relocating and have disbanded the team.
Over the course of the season, we had some terrific wins and dismal losses. We both won and lost as a team. Attendance was generally not an issue, and every one of my players played their hearts out in every match. Fun is an understatement. Such characters. So much commitment, Dedication and Skills. I’m so proud to have been the captain of this motley crew. #JanesandJoes was definitely one of my favorite teams out of one of the best poolhalls in LA.

The highlights:
The BIH Penalty Jar ($1 + a photo every time you miss Ball in Hand)
Omar (9) vs Brian Elwell (9) – Omar w 3 BNR’s, Brian with a BNR and 9 on the snap – AND both with SO MANY AMAZING SHOTS THE ENTIRE MATCH. I think the whole hall was sweating that one!
Winning 66-34
Petey and I 2 rail kick combo to the nineball cross table into the corner week 1. (he never doubted me again….)
Esther and I kicked through traffic with perfect English through traffic
Scuba Steve going 18-2. Such a solid player!
Esther winning back to back 17-3
Cody becoming a 7
Giving Cody a timeout that he executed perfectly – which I coached perfectly since Omar coached me on exactly the same shot earlier that night (that I missed)….
Cody winning 46-25 in less than 13 innings (ON FIRE)
Jenn and Omar Masse-ing a ball
Beating up on some 5 since their 7 refused to play a girl (14-6 🙂

Fall 2016
Welcome to the fall session of APA! #JanesandJoes for the WIN!
This season, I have a brand new APA team and home location.
We will be playing Nineball Thursday Nights at Golden Cue in El Monte, CA
As Captain, I am very excited to play with this team. We have good numbers right now and man all of my players are strong for their skill level.
We are one week in and we killed it last week 61-39.

Keep up with us – stay tuned for updates!

You can sponsor our team – #JanesandJoes – buy us a round, get shoutouts and root for us to WIN!
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