APA Pool League – Any skill level

APA Pool League

APA Pool League

In the APA Pool League everyone can play – and anyone can win.
APA is fun for everyone. All skill levels are encouraged to join and low level players can be the MOST VALUABLE!!
The APA Pool League uses the Equalizer Handicap System.
The handicap equalizes skill levels so if a 6 plays a 2, then the 2 has a real chance at winning. Or in 9 ball, a 6 needs to get to 46 balls, while the 2 only needs 19. The handicap system is based on the innings, skill levels playing and wins/losses. It is averaged over the season and as the league tracks your stats over time, they drill down to the right level. It doesn’t take long and it is fairly accurate. The Equalizer system lets you compete against any skill level regardless of your own. No matter if you are a beginner or a pool shark – everyone has an even playing field in the APA.

Everyone has an equal chance at winning a piece of over $1.5 MILLION at one of the APA championship events. The APA tournaments are world famous – in fact they are the Largest in the World according to Guinness World Records.
To get to the Nationals in Vegas, in the South Coast APA, we need to win our division playoffs, qualify in the Tournament of Champions and out of 24 teams South Coast APA sends 3 to Vegas to compete. There is nothing like competing at that level. The pressure is intense and the payoff is GLORIOUS.

I’ve played in the APA Pool League since 2007. My very first team “Cueless” of Yankee Doodles in Woodland Hills went to Vegas for the Nationals. We had a great team with Mr. Kato Lin as our captain. I took a team in 2012 to the Nationals “Who’s Your Buddy” out of Ujpest Sports Lounge in Van Nuys. I highly encourage you to join. If you find the right team, it is an experience like no other!

Nationals in Vegas are held every year in August. For the teams that make it….It’s an amazing trip. Battle through divisions, TOC, Cities, regionals and finally qualify for Nationals…
I’ve been twice, 2007 and 2012, and the experience is second to none.
And if your team doesn’t make it, they have Mini Tournaments by skill level going on all day every day $20 buy in, 8 man brackets, pays first and second. You get to make your own schedule. It’s ideal for players to come and support their local teams and still get to play and make some dough!