Omar Vachhani

Omar Vachhani “The Cobra” is a high level local SoCal player.

He can frequently be seen at Hard Times Billiards, Bellflower and I’m sure will make many of the Mezz West State Tour stops for Season 3 as well as APA Masters Nationals in Vegas this summer.
I ran into Omar at the Friday Night Cue Time Tournament fall 2015. He caught my eye with his smooth stroke and confident draws. Every shot was so exact, shape was almost a given. I could tell he was a high level player – that game does not come quick, it takes years of practice, patience and dedication.

Omar runs out on me on the regular these days – but not as easily as he used to. I may have picked up a thing or two — even if he swears that #INeverListen. I love the mindset he goes into tournaments with. He confidently struts in knowing he will place — and likely win. And time and time again I’ve seen him do it. There have been the occasional tournaments that I was in longer than he was, but they are far and few between…but there was that one night I managed to split with him. Now that was a good night.

Omar has made some incredible shots — and is the reigning Poolhorse Champion. One handed Poolhall Junkies Shot. Who does that?!

It is my pleasure to share some of the #goodpool I’ve witnessed watching his games.

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