Ryan Naccarato

Ryan Naccarato

Ryan, My co-captain on our Sunday APA Double Jeapordy team is RIDICULOUS. I have learned SO much watching him shoot. Always creative solutions and such AMAZING control and VISION. It doesn’t matter how hard you can shoot or what shots you can make if you can’t SEE how to GETOUT.

We work well as a team, and it was teamwork that got us through the season, playoffs and Tournament of Champions. Ryan is able to give FANTASTIC timeouts to our minnows…and has quickly helped them become stronger players. We got into a situation in Tournament of Champions, when he needed 1 ball, and his opponent gave him ball in hand. He set up to make a long difficult railshot that he probably would have made, but I called a timeout and discussed the option of a carom instead. He nailed it and we won the $1000. I really believe that the timeouts we took in the matches that day were the KEY to winning the tournament.

Such a great afternoon of #pool! That was a really tough match. Adam won 15-5 Kerri won 16-4….we were up 31-9. They #comeback and take out my 3, 1-19 so the score is 32-28 The 5's played round 4 and we lost but it was real close 8-12. Now it's 40-40 going into the last match and Ryan (8) @radio_wingman Played Malisa (6)… It was #tight and they were both #runningracks. Ryan bears down and needed 1 ball. She gave him ball in hand but the 4 is close to the 7 and he sets up to take the 4 long down the rail. I called a #timeout, offered the 4-7 #carom. He liked it…and #executed beautifully for the win. #Congrats to the whole #team! #teameffort #victory Great #shooting guys!! #madcuedisease #southcoastapa #tournamentofchampions #ryannaccarato #poolplayers @poolplayers

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Ryan is a world-class player already and has proved himself repeatedly in the APA. He’s actually one of my favorite weapons in the team arsenal, I can put him up against anyone or blind and there’s a good chance he will shut them out or skunk em. It has been my pleasure to play with him this year, and we have had TOO MUCH FUN in practice and during matches.

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