Mezz West State Tour

The Mezz West State Tour is one of the most well run, best tournaments in the country.
Last year, I played in a couple of the tour stops, Hard Times (Bellflower), On Cue (San Diego), Diamond Billiards (Fresno) and California Billiards (Fremont).
This year I’m coming back and I’m going to make these #poolmonsters watch (suffer through) my game! Win Some…Learn Some….and I’m a Sponge when I play these. Watching the shots, patterns and concentration these players display every game is second to none.
Haven’t won a match yet…but this year is going to be different! My goal is to just win ONE! Meanwhile, I’ll watch and catch some fun shots from the unbelievable field that consistently shows up and plays that #highlevelpool!

This is the Mezz West State Tour Season 3 schedule:
Mezz West State Tour Season 3 Schedule