Girls that Play Pool

Girls that Play Pool

There are all kinds of girls in the world. Girls that like tennis or swimming, golf or running. But girls that play pool are a rare breed.
I do love my Ladies….especially ones that know just how to hit it!
Pool is such a male dominated sport. It takes a special kind of gal to want compete.
This page is dedicated to them.

girls that play pool

5/11/2016 I got the nicest comments from @billiardschick today. She killed me in the Ujpest Saturday Night Tournament last week with a tablerun. That will teach me to break dry against Girls that Play Pool!

Girls that Play Pool are often underestimated and always attract attention. The girls that walk into the bar with a miniskirt and heels probably aren’t there to play. But the gal that walks in wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a long shirt just might know what she’s doing. Watch out for the quiet ones….many just prefer to let the chalk talk.

I’ve run across more than my share of *gentlemen* that really don’t believe there are actually any girls that play pool out there. Often they can be a bit over-confident and smug. Occasionally they decide to start talking….before they see me shoot. And then it’s ON.
One of the best feelings in the world is surprising them with some real game and the look on their face as I walk away with their money is PRICELESS!

These girls that play pool are tough to beat and make the game look good. There are some gems out there that do it well. Time, Energy, Effort, Dedication and Practice. We know what it takes to be champions.
There are a lot of tournaments that try to attract more ladies by offering discounted fees and I tell you what, it works! Ujpest’s Saturday Night Tournament is $10 for Guys and $5 for girls – and some of the best ladies in the city turn it OUT! It’s not easy to walk into a room of guys and show them what’s up…but Cheers to the ladies that put up with the snide comments and condescending dudes that not only walk in, but GTFO!

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