Let me see you JUMP JUMP!

Here are some of my favorite jump shots!

I learned to jump last summer at BCA Nationals. I always had an appreciation for them, but never understood the stroke. It was explained, watched, tried about a billion times until one day it clicked. I found just the right stroke for the jump shot. I taught Mikey how to jump in an afternoon at The Park. Everyone learns differently and at different speeds with different teachers, mentors, and friends. I had a multitude of players work with me on learning how to jump. Ryan actually showed me the floating bridge one night we were practicing in the garage.

I like the floating bridge. It gives me more mobility than the rail bridge and maybe it’s because I’m short, but I don’t feel like I get the height I need off the rail or felt. The trick is stabilizing your body specifically your bridge arm to hit the exact contact point.
Try to narrow down the wiggle north and south, not left or right. That at least puts me on the right line. I prefer the dart stroke and recently started working on short shaft jumps (even though they are not legal in most leagues or tournaments…never know if you might need it someday!)
I’ve seen some great shooters that love full cue jumps and overhand strokes.I’m sure there are benefits to all of the different techniques for jump shots, depending on the shot and shape you’re going for.

I ran into Marty Carey down at Players one night and he was kind enough to show off an amazing jump shot with his Marty Carey Q. His specialty jump cue is specifically for very close jump shots. The cue is super light (4-6 oz) and made out of carbon Fiber with solid wood core. By putting the wood core into the carbon fiber shaft, it reorients the structural strength of the shaft. Marty pulled off some great shots to show off the cue that night, and proved what a valuable weapon it can be in your arsenal!

Of all the players and shots I’ve seen, here are a few of my absolute favorites:

Rhino Lay from Golden Cue hit the best money shot bank jump.

Rhino showed me the “Machine Gun Jump”

I ran into Clinton Watts in Vegas at BCA. He sold me a ridiculously heavy jump cue that is the beginners dream. It literally takes no effort to make that ball fly. This is still one of my favorite Jump shots!

I met Bobby Ferry, who is a pro and reps for Kamui. He showed me this cool jump double bank.

The best jump shot I’ve ever pulled off in a tournament was captured by my opponent — none other than Vic the Magician!

Janes Jump Gallery


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