Micah Vs Mikey Jump Q Raffle


#MicahRhoades and #MikeyfromthePark
Race to 7 Alternating 8ball and 9ball games

You can vote for who you think will win.
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The winner of the Marty Carey Jump Cue will be chosen from the Match Winners ticket holders.

Match date TBD….stay tuned.
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Mikey – The Favorite
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Playing Mikey is never easy and he pulls off some amazing and creative outs.

Such a stud!

Micah – The Underdog challenger
Micah is a real strong shooter, and can pull off creative shots. He has the drive, determination and confidence to win.
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He’s such a clown

But this dude can shoot! He thinks he can take Mikey and I can’t wait to see who wins!

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