Level 2 Billiards

January 2017 RIP another poolhall bites the dust….I believe “Studio Billiards” has replaced it….new managment….

June 2016 – I finally got a chance to run over and check out Level 2 Billiards and yes, it was an awesome room to visit. The room is upstairs, hence the name, and has nice Gold Crowns and a couple of barboxes. Table 5 is the tightest….beware!!

But it isn’t the equipment that makes this room. It was the people and the energy there.
We had a special event and I played Miss Emily Herpel….17 year old champ that took me out 5-7. She is but one of the many kids in this room, honing their skills and working on their game….the next generation just might very well have some superstars that made their start here. It’s a breeding ground for good sportsmanship and learning the essence of the game. Their tag line is #wehavefunhere – and now I can see why after just one visit. It isn’t an action room. Apparently the hall down the street has that covered. This is a social room with a lot of talent coming through. After my match with Emily, I got to play Honey Badger some barbox 8 ball and killed him 3-0…..SHUTOUT… Sorry Honey B, Better Luck Next Time 😉

I even got to play the pro, Jorge Rodriguez of Gotham City Billiards in Brooklyn. The first game he killed me…like a pro should. The second game he broke and safetied me…..so I kicked out of it and ran the table through all the traffic. It was a pretty little run….kick and a bank cause I can’t stay in line to save my life – and got out. He picked his jaw up off the floor and I earned just a little bit of his respect. #soawesome

My #favorite game of the night belonged to #thisguy #JorgeRodriguez #housepro #gothamcitybilliards #brooklyn #newyork First game he won #handsdown. Second game, he broke and then missed or safed (it's all a #blur now) but I do know I went on a run that included a tough #kick and a #bank through #traffic and left him with 6 balls on the table and his #jawonthefloor. He was a #pleasure to shoot with and I look forward to #checking out #GothamCity the next time I'm in #NY. Playing with better players than you will make you work harder and bring out the best in you. #endofthenight #shenanigans #toomuchfun #wehavefunhere #thedeuce #level2billiards @level2billiards #justplay #automatic #dancelikenooneiswatching #girlsthatplaypool #poolplayers @level2billiards #teamcyborg #playl2b

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They have tournaments, big tables and it looks like a full cast of characters for regulars!
If you’re on a Poolcation, or anywhere on the east coast, I highly recommend making the trip to see this place in person.

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