I’ve been honored to play in some great leagues the last couple years…I love the camaraderie of it.

APA, American Poolplayers Association, is a fantastic way for Pool to be a real Team Sport. The rules, the handicaps and the structure all requires teamwork and both high and low level players. The Nationals at the Westgate in Vegas during the summer is always packed and the Mini-tournaments are awesome! I love to buy tons of minis and play all day! This tournament used to be held at the Riviera…..and sometimes a good, cheap hotel is all a poolplayer really needs….i miss the days of the Riv. Epic Pool Parties!

LAPL (Los Angeles Pool League) turned out to be one of the friendliest groups of people ever — bunch of huggers!! It’s fun to watch guys deal with each other and completely ignore the girls in the room. Adds a whole other level of competition! This is a California specific league – LA, Long Beach, San Diego and San Francisco, and there is a West Coast Challenge that brings the top 4 teams (one from each participating city), 4 top women and 8 top men from each city to compete at the West Coast Challenge twice a year. Competition is always fierce.
I won the Womens event undefeated June 2015 and played in the Team event in January 2016.

Now BCA, Billiards Congress of America, is for the high level player. There are no handicaps and it is a very Win or Die attitude. Teams full of nines…every match is going to be tough. The BCA National event is unbelievable. Held at the Rio, it is a smaller but higher quality player event. And the tables are open all night…encouraging people to come down and play!

UPA, United States Professional Poolplayer Association is another local league that I’ve never been able to fit into my schedule, but it’s a cash league, also with a final event in Vegas for $20K and I hear lots of great feedback from players that love the league.