There are some amazing players out there.

They might be your local gas station clerk, waiter, or UPS driver. Pool transcends what your job is. When people are trying to get to know you, and ask what you do, when you’re a pool player, it is often much more accurate of a description than your job. I love to watch the unassuming player come with some big game. You can just never judge a book by its cover.
Pool becomes this common thread. Players judge other players on skills and ability — not how much income they make. It doesn’t matter if you have $20 or $20Mil in the bank – if you haven’t devoted the time and energy to the game, it isn’t a skill you can just run out and buy. Real Players know what it takes to be champions. The best players respect the game, the equipment, the table, their opponents, the tournament directors and the spectators. When you walk into a poolroom, it isn’t about your flashy car or trophy wife. Players couldn’t care less. All they want is your game.

I’ve been very fortunate to run across some great players all over the country — and all over the world. It’s like a secret club though. If your friends or family don’t play, you can’t explain the shots you made or the teamwork it took to get to nationals or even just to get past playoffs!
I started shooting video of all the good pool I see to create highlights for social media so other players and non-poolplayers alike could start to understand the obsession with billiards most players suffer from – myself included.

The players highlighted on are some of my favorites. You will find players that can make impossible shots, massees, trickshots – as well as some more common banks, kicks, caroms and even straight shots. I am impressed with it all — and have come to have a new appreciation for shape. Often the easy straight shot is just the beginning, it’s where the cue ball will end up for the next shot that’s really important! 2 and 3 rail shape is always impressive. There are also some banks and other common shots that are highlighted — not because the shot is super difficult, but because of the skill level of the player, some of the shots taken are way above their normal comfort zone. That is also extremely impressive. So to say “hey that’s an easy shot” maybe it is for you, but it isn’t necessarily so easy for me! Pool isn’t about being the best. Trust me there are guys that will DESTROY you, no matter how good you think you are. Pool is about being better than you were yesterday. Learn a new shot, be able to see new angles or play for better shape. The race was never against others – they will all come and go. The object is to be the best you can be, prove it consistently on the table – and most importantly have a good time while you do it.

Click the player pages, explore some fun shots, great players and appreciate all the good pool out there.