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Interested in getting better?
Want to spend some quality time with someone that knows what they’re doing?

I gotta guy. In fact I gotta lotta guys.

I know some of the best poolplayers in the country. If you’re interested in a lesson, I know a people that know things.

No matter what skill level you are – from beginner through high level, I bet I can find someone that knows more than you that is willing to share some secrets for a nominal fee.

Want to work on your stroke? Work on an aiming system? Stance? Strategy? Jumping?
Be honest – what’s the weakest part of your game?
Can’t put your finger on it, but you know you can be better?

We can help.
If you are in Los Angeles, or coming for a visit, let’s set up some time and get you a lesson!
Lots of styles and players to chose from depending on your goal.

Email me for a consult and let’s make you the MVP.

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